Awesome Discount Codes, Converters and great websites

This first site we have on our voucher code list is a site called Voucher Codes DB and this site are really great at updating their site every day with the latest money saving deals, vouchers and discount codes that you can use to save money when buying online. They have a huge list of retailers so can sometimes take a little while to find the vouchers but really worth doing to save you money. Along with promo codes they also have a big list of deals so you can get instant alerts of the latest sales and offers that your favourite retailers come out with.

Checkout our weight converter for kilos to pounds and also our stone to pounds and grams to ounces

A quick converter for using kilos and pounds.

If you're looking for a really quick conversion chart and calculator to convert grams to ounces then we have a great little weight converter for you. It's a quick conversion website called Grams into Ounces and you can use this to change the unit of weight (most commonly due to the metric and imperial system) for gold, food, whatever you need really. There is a ounces output for the grams you enter and visa vesa. There is also a quick conversion chart to make it even easier. Give it a go and see how quickly and easily you can convert one weight to another.

Also don't forget the ounces to grams converter.

Some weight, currency and distance converters

Here we have some currency, weight and distance converters for you. Check this page for converting euros into pounds, this site for converting inches to cm and our grams to pounds site for, well, you know!

Here are some more distance calculators. A great feet to meters site works on all your devices. For inches we have this convert cm to inches page and this convert mm to inches site.

This website

A quick and easy converter for turning Kilograms into Lbs.

dollars to pounds

Convert dollars into pounds and pounds to dollars.

dollar to pound

A quick US dollar to pound conversion tool.


A free euro to pound converter